Sales and Customer service Skills

Program Overview

Effective sales and customer services skills are imperative to a companys business. Sales and customer service goes hand in hand. While the sales skills helps to rope in a first customer, it’s the customer service skills that helps to retain the customer for a second sale. Our sales training helps the customer maintain consistent progressive sales , improving the customer relationship and improve sales revenue and bottom lines for the company. The customer service skills training program enables the participants to learn the strategies to manage internal and external customers and also teaches how to deal with the difficult customers.

Program Purpose

Sales and Customer Service Skills Training Programme Outline

Selling Skills

  • Identifying the product customer segment fit, having product and competitors knowledge, drive the product, penetrate the market

Professional Selling

  • Making a presentation, selling the need, competition mapping, finding niche segment.


  • Various negotiation techniques, when to close a sale.

Selling to major accounts

  • Customer knowledge/history, Product/service knowledge

Customer orientation

  • Understanding the customer needs/choices/prefrences, selling the relevant products, handling customers

Managing sales force

  • Motivation, Achievable Targets, Conflict resolution, effective target driven sales training

Developing customer service culture

  • Right communication, Empathy and continuous training to elevate the customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous customer service leading to customer delight.
  • Customer oriented focus- customer feedback
  • Upgrading the customer service experience

Handling difficult customers

  • Empathy, Understanding the customers query/complaint/difficulty, Apology, Diplomacy, Providing a solution, compensation through various means.

Training Methodology

  • Presentation
  • Games
  • Roleplays
  • Video clips
  • Story Telling
  • Group Discussions
  • Assessment
  • Personal Feedback
  • Action Plan

Who Should Attend

  • Managers
  • Professionals
  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors