Training Program

Communication Skills

In a modern corporate scenario where the communication is the key to business, it becomes utmost importance to have effective communication with the internal as well as external customers so as to cut costs, save important time and push up the bottom line. The program enables the participants to develop communication skills to communicate their point clearly and quickly with effective persuasion and assertiveness. It also helps the participants develop listening and conversation skills. The program is made highly interactive with the use of stories , video clips, games and role plays.

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Presentation and Business Effectiveness

Presentation is the key word in the current scenario where less is more. Our training program for presentation and business effectiveness covers all the aspects of effective presentation through different channels like emails, letters, proposals, public speaking to overhaul the overall performance of the organisation. It helps participants to structure their thought and present it fluently to influence and make a positive impact.

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Interpersonal and Team Skills

In any organisation, success is contributed by a team rather than a singular person. Successful teamwork is one of the important factor to increase productivity. Our training programme enables the manager to have a clear vision and gain competency to build an efficient team with individuals having different skills-set and personalities. It also endeavours to teach effective team management through minimizing conflict and achieving the team goals.

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Personal Effectiveness

It is ‘you’ who makes a difference at the end of the day when the competition is for the same skill set. It is the emotional quotient that you add to the routine job making it successful. Our personal effectiveness training helps you change your fixed mindset, helping you exhibit your inner skills, sharpen the emotional intelligence and shed off your limiting inhibitions to bring out the best for a successful career.

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Managerial and Supervisory

Managing and guiding a workforce asks for all the three skills put together – Technical, People and Strategic skills. Newly promoted managers specially needs this training programme to prepare for their job and the existing managers to sharpen their skills and learn from the experiences. This program enables the managers and supervisors to gain an insight on their goals and learn competencies to function efficiently with the team.

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Leadership skills

In the current unpredictable global market scenario, if there is one factor that helps the companies reach their goals and gain profits is the leadership skills of the leader. Our training program is aimed at making a manager an excellent leader that will help the company reach their strategic goals in the planned time frame, proactively plan in advance for all the uncertainties and adapt to change working together with all the stakeholders.

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Sales and Customer service Skills

Effective sales and customer services skills are imperative to a companys business. Sales and customer service goes hand in hand. While the sales skills helps to rope in a first customer, it’s the customer service skills that helps to retain the customer for a second sale. Our sales training helps the customer maintain consistent progressive sales , improving the customer relationship and improve sales revenue and bottom lines for the company. The customer service skills training program enables the participants to learn the strategies to manage internal and external customers and also teaches how to deal with the difficult customers.

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Cross Cultural Skills

With the opening of the global markets and expanding the market base, we are now faced with the expanding our knowledge about our customers and potential customers from various cultures. Out training program enables the participants to develop cross cultural skills to transcend the boundaries for seamless business transactions and growth. They are also made aware about the recent trends and lifestyle of the specific country.

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Stress Management

Stress is a now a common place occurrence in everyday busy life owing to deadlines and the multi-tasking. Stress suggests a negative connotation. Either its outburst or its suppression can lead to agitation, conflict or depression, thus limiting our ability to perform. Our program helps the participants develop techniques to avoid stress,increase the ability to resist stress and maintain calm to become more successful.

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Time Management

Time Management is the need of the hour, be it a student, a sportsperson, a housewife or a manager. It is not about doing more tasks in specified time, but it is about achieving the desired result by right efforts and being effective. Our Time management training enables you to be proactive , so that you act on a situation rather than react. Time management is taught with various approaches like important matrix, innovative techniques and other models.

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Campus to Corporate

It is usually observed that there is a disconnect between the requirements of the industries who wish to appoint plug-n-play professionals and between the candidates who are freshers with knowledge and ideas, but unaware of corporate culture, phone and email etiquettes and challenges in terms of time management and pressure handling of the corporate world. This interactive program is aimed to enable the freshers or students to face the corporate world and make a niche for themselves and excel in professional and social lives.

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Short Term Courses

Planning and Prioritisation

This training helps the participants to avoid procrastination- that is doing less important tasks in preference to the urgent ones. It helps them to organise their schedule and learn the art of saying no and delegation to make them work efficiently for success. The participant will be enabled to make their own action plans.


Conversation Skills

The training will helps the participants to make an effective conversation. They will be taught basics of communication with a more focussed approach on verbal communication. The participants will learn how to overcome the barriers to effective conversation and learn how to make short strong and impressive conversations. The training will be backed up with roleplays in professional setting to give them real life feel.


Business Etiquette

This interactive program helps the participants to learn the business etiquette skills to enhance their professional and social image to become successful in their careers. The training touches on different aspects like business grooming, business communication, meeting outside the business and international business etiquette.


Assertive Communication

The training enables the participants to state their point of view clearly and take a stand positively. It helps to reduce daily conflicts and stress. The training also teaches the art of saying ‘NO’ and dealing with difficult communication. The assertive communication training is strengthened with the help of games and role plays.


Conflict Resolution

This training program helps the participants identify the conflict style in context with their own behaviour pattern. The training helps in resolving the conflicts effectively and positively and also teaches how to deal with difficult people. The training is backed with interactive games and roleplays to reinforce the learnings.


Creativity and problem Solving

This interactive training helps find out the inherent creative skills that lie hidden within each person. It brings about a new approach to think out of the box with different problem solving techniques. Since it is better learnt practically the training extensively uses games and exercise to make each point clear. It is a fun training that can be used during annual meets as well.


Telephone Etiquette

The telephone etiquette training is for participants to gain skills on speaking, listening and being well informed on the subject. The training helps the participant to speak confidently and clearly and be highly informative. It helps them to present a professional image to internal and external customers. The training is reinforced through games and roleplays.


Emotional Intelligence

This training enables the participants to probe and hone their emotional intelligence. This training helps to manage the emotions and how to direct them towards a positive outcome. It teaches how to be assertive and communicate effectively for an overall personality development and success.


Influencing Skills

This training programme helps you sharpen your overall personality and hone your overall influencing skills. It pays stress on effective communication and etiquettes to make a good first impression and then win the trust and confidence of the stake holders.


Delegation Skills

Delegation skills training is aimed at professional who wish to do constructive work in limited time frame to get optimum results. It is also used to empower and motivate the staff. It teaches the art of delegation, whom to delegate, how to delegate and what to delegate. The training also helps to manage time effectively and save the resources.


Negotiation Skills

This training enables the participant to learn the art of negotiation which is very useful at all the levels and all the different departments in the corporate or companies. It teaches to be influential, effective and understand different perspectives. It teaches the basics of negotiations that includes arguments, counter arguments, fall back options, settlement and other collaborative alternatives.


Interviewing Skills

This training programme helps you to learn effective interviewing techniques. It teaches you how to prepare , conduct and do the followup for the interview. It also shows how to conduct interview with two or more interviewers. It helps the participants understand the interviewer-interviewee perspective, effective communication and negotiation.


Corporate Grooming

This training programme is aimed for student ready to enter the corporate world or professional to hone their skills to make themselves corporate worthy. The training program includes personal grooming, meeting and greeting norms, right dressing code, conduct in the business environment and outside the business place. It helps create a positive impression and helps bring about an overall success.


Art of making presentation

This specific presentations aids you in making a successful presentation. It explains the different phase like preparatory, organisation, visual aids, delivery and taking questions. It also show how to cope up with the presentation nerves and make an impactful presentation.


Attitudinal Transformation

This training programme helps in turning you a new leaf to achieve success in your profession and social life. It helps in recognising your individual behaviour type and then making necessary changes gradually and reinforcing them to bring about an overall change.